About the Band


DARE DEVIL BAND is an improvised rock trio fronted by Shoji Hano, with guitarist Makoto Kawabata and bassist Atsushi Tsuyama taking their name from a 1992 Shoji Hano/Peter Brötzmann release. Led by Hano, a prominent free jazz & underground rock drummer, the group features Japanese underground icon Kawabata, frontman of the seminal psychedelic noise collective ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE and the MELTING PARAISO U.F.O. (Underground Freak Out) well as a myriad of side-projects with local noise experimentalists from groups like THE BOREDOMS. Bassist Tsuyama has also appeared in a plethora of groups, notably ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE. The trio more recently formed DARE DEVIL BAND to further reject ideals of contemporary rock music and reach further into sonic dimensions. Future Now Records captured these moments on film for a feature-length pysche-rock odyssey.


Kawabata Makoto - Guitar & Bouzouki
Shoji Hano - Drums
Tsyuama Atsushi - Bass & Vocals




Beyond The Tracks

DVD - JP091 $35.99


On this full-length feature film, videographer Detroit Jack of Future Now Records set out to capture a collision of some of the most innovative musicians in the experimental noise rock underground of Japan. All three members have resumes stretching into the 80's with guitarist Kawabata Makoto being the most recognizable for his role as frontman and founding member of psychedelic freakpunk group ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE and the MELTING PARAISO U.F.O. (Underground Freak Out) as well as forming side-projects with members of groups like THE BOREDOMS. DARE DEVIL BAND frontman is the prominent free jazz drummer Shoji Hano who has collaborated with a myriad of free-form artists including Peter Brotzmann, Derek Bailey, Werner Ludi, William Parker, Keiji Haino to name only a few. Bassist Tsyuama Atsushi has street cred as a member of ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE as well.

Intriguingly filmed in a private studio which could be one of the members' living room, the DVD includes several lengthy jams that gel from spastic free jazz to lengthy space-rock and almost no-wave-like punk moments. Vocals are minimal but they come like fierce punctuations in an erratic Beat poem. The film becomes an intimate "live" experience sprawling forth from the Japanese rock-mind, expelling any previous beliefs or preconceptions of what "Rock Music" is supposed to be. The viewer must meet this challenge head on while being subjected to a fog of Japanese World War II era stock footage projected onto the actual live music sequences. Intriguing indeed.

As with all Future Now releases, "Beyond The Tracks" comes esthetically packaged in a mini-LP cardsleeve case with the Japanese spine card, or obi strip. It also includes an insert detailing a live performance by DARE DEVIL BAND from 2003, in English and Japanese. The DVD is region free, for all the free people of the world to enjoy!