About the Band


One of the oddities among Tokyo's myriad punk scene, MIRAI-TOU attack the ears with choppy guitars, blistering bass and listless, unfocused vocals that can be likened to some of the more slipshod punk and hardcore bands like THE GERMS and FLIPPER. The sound of their first full album is enhanced by the production of DEAF NEPHEWS, a sonic duo made up of Toshi Kasai and the legendary Dale Crover of MELVINS fame.


FKD - Vocals
Yoshi - Guitar
Tarz - Bass
Mr. Masa - Drums


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Self Titled

CD-R Album - JP023 $4.99


  1. Annihilator
  2. Ghost Car
  3. Song For Bad Vegetarian
  4. Unbalance Tengoku
  5. Kuru Kuru Out
  6. I'm Jackass
  7. Martian Of Love
  8. Stone Free Land


MIRAI-TOU are one of Tokyo's most unique bands drawing influence from crude sounds of obscure 80's punk, rock and metal, injecting their own ferocity and manipulating the seemingly uncontrollable sounds they make. The opening track "Annihilator" bursts with noise reminiscent of the Pixies, controlled shouts and manic background screaming. The surrealness of "Ghost Car" is brought out by its call and response verses and "whoo hoo" back up vocals over crescendoing punk rhythms. Characterized by a frantic, driving bass line, static tinged guitar noise and catchy changes, "Unbalance Tengoku" clouds you with a sense of paranoia. "I'm Jackass" is a hodge podge of GERMS style rock n' roll riffs and charging 80's hardcore. "Martian of Love" contains erratic FLIPPER influenced madness while "Stone Free Land" fuses rock/metal experimentation and screaming punk intensity in homage to the MELVINS. Co-produced by MELVINS' Dale Crover with DEAF NEPHEWS, MIRAI-TOU's first album comes much closer to invoking the raw sound of their influences while adding a collectible curiosity to their name.