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VARO was formed in 2004 by Wan Ting, a founding member of the seminal Taiwanese girl punk band Ladybug, who teamed up with two members from CHASING SPARROW and Show Yao, a regular at Taipei's indie rock venue the Underworld. VARO's first CD Hardcore Beach was released in 2004 which was followed by an Australian tour.

2005 saw some line-up changes with all members being replaced except Show Yao and for their second album My Body Is The Tempo, released in early 2007.

Varo has received international attention with a review of Hardcore Beach in the British music magazine The Wire as well as being mentioned in an article about the Taipei-based Weather in My Brain indie-electronica festival in the same magazine.

Members (on Hardcore Beach):

Wan Ting - Guitar/ Laptop
Graffiti - Bass
Lydia - Drums
Show Yow - Laptop/ Vocals


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VARO on Island of Sound

Taiwanese CDs

Hardcore Beach

CD Album - TW001 $14.99


  1. Pieces of April
  2. Stolen Summer
  3. Easy Rider
  4. The Man Who Was Not There
  5. Memento
  6. Buffalo 66
  7. Amelie
  8. Virgin Suicide
  9. The Fast Runner
  10. Bowling for Columbia


Owning up to their namesake, the Spanish surrealist painter Remedios Varo, this band juxtaposes sight and sound in some unusual ways. Using pre-recorded laptop loops alongside live electric guitars, bass and drums, Varo takes experimental indie in and out of the realms of dance and electronica. However, the surrealism of Varo is revealed on Hardcore Beach through their love of independent films. Every song is named after a movie and somehow reflects the tone and feel of that movie as well as its original musical score without even coming close to plagiarism!

The outcome is as diverse as surfing the Internet Movie Database. "Pieces of April" is a frantic drum n'bass gambit with an urban breakdown. "The Man Who Was Not There" follows a samba tempo which takes us into film noir desperation. "Amelie" is a whimsical, high-tech stroll through Le Jardin du Luxembourg while "The Fast Runner" is a journey through loneliness and determination with slow guitar strums and odd rhythms which end in dirgeful electronics. This collection of movie themes tends to move in and out of genre, yet is held together by Wan Ting's unique guitar styling and similarly programmed percussion ticks.

Please click here for a review of Hardcore Beach in the British music magazine The Wire.


My Body Is The Tempo

CD Albummore info $14.99

Lobo II

Double CDmore info $14.99