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Born out of a NYC reunion of Japanese girl band 10 YEN ANAKINOKO, vocalist Seiko and support guitarist Jun decided to take the band's sound to a more intense level under the guise of GELATINE thus firmly planting themselves in the NYC Asian punk scene. After several year of creating havoc around the city, the band released their first album Gie Ji Gaii in 2009.


Seiko - Lead Vocal
Jun - Guitar & Vocal
Waiko - Organ, Keyboard & Vocals
Yusuke - Bass
Arei - Drums


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Gie Ji Gaii

CD Album - US013 $11.99 ($14.99 Overseas)

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  1. Maybe
  2. New Monster
  3. Flower Train
  4. Man Made Balan
  5. 'Cause My Mom Said So
  6. Let's Go Gelatine
  7. No Will Power
  8. Neckless Girl
  9. Megane-death
  10. Proof Of A Good Child
  11. Alzheimer


GELATINE is what you get when you take the snotty girl punk of LOLITA NO.18 and the frantic pop rock of SHAKALABBITS, then smash them together and leave them stranded in NYC to their own machinations. On Gie Ji Gaii, elements of shred metal combine with new wave industrialism and traditional sounding Japanese melodies, you know the ones from anime that follow frighteningly eerie scales. The result is a charging thrash and horror rock best exemplified on tracks like "Flower Train," "Man Made Balan" and "No Will Power." Offering a funner, punkier vibe is their theme song "Let's Go Gelatine" while "Megane Death" is anime influenced death metal. Despite being based in the US, all lyrics are boldly sung in Japanese making GELATINE a unique homegrown import.