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Originally arising out of the Detroit rock revolution that erupted with THE STOOGES and MC5, then migrating to LA in the late 70's, THE DOGS have influenced punk while treading right along with the scene. During the 70's they opened for punk and hard rock notables including TELEVISION, THE DICTATORS, KISS and AC/DC! THE DOGS have continued to play shows throughout the decades, even releasing new material on the Dionysus label in 2003. Most recently the band has been celebrated with an international tribute album with bands culled by Detroit Jack. As the notoriously celebrated MC5 manager John Sinclair writes of THE DOGS, "This trio crashes and burns through the front lines of rock and roll action like they've always done!" And after seeing their concert first hand in Tokyo, I can testify!


Loren Molinare - Guitar, Vocals
Mary Kay- Bass, Vocals
Ron Wood - Drums
Tony Matteuchi - Drums
Ken Mundy - Drums (Occasional)

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Doggy Licks:
The Dogs Unreleased

CD/DVD Set - US016 $34.99



  1. Keep On
  2. Come On
  3. Carol
  4. I.5
  5. Smack-O
  6. Rockin' Across the USA
  7. Answer to My Question
  8. Thinking 'bout My Lord
  9. Black As Night
  10. Rock And Roll Frenzy
  11. 2+2
  12. Running Back
  13. Love Conquers All
  14. Rock And Roll Man
  15. So Far Away
  16. Take Me
  17. Last Stop
  18. Big City Talking
  19. Intergalactic Slut
  20. Time Of Our Lives
  21. Because
  22. Who Do You Know
  23. I Don't Know
  24. I.R.O.C.


  1. Live At The Metro / 1988.8.25
  2. Back On The Street 2


Doggy Licks, a patchwork collection of sound and vision spanning the early history of Detroit rock legends THE DOGS, is the third installment of a trilogy that all got started in Japan with the release of the Doggy Style tribute in 2007. The CD here is a collection of unreleased material finally seeing the light of day and howling at the moon. The DVD includes two segments. The first is a compilation of various live tracks titled Back on the Street, with songs mostly from the 70's but as recent as 2007. These churning, rough diamonds are accompanied by a slideshow of rare photos of gigs, flyers and behind-the-scenes-goofing-around making paw prints into the past. Also included on the DVD is a live concert from 1988 at the Metro in L.A. featuring mostly unheard material all wrapped up in a wicked stage show that never left the cathouse before now!

As with all the Doggy discs in the trilogy, Licks features album art by the inimitable king of trash Rockin' Jelly Bean as well as a 28 page booklet with photos, flyers & liner notes contributions by contemporaries likes Dick Wagner (FROST) and Martha Davis (THE MOTELS). Future Now Records has assembled a snarling three-headed Cerberus with their DOGS trilogy and Doggy Licks makes the monster complete!


Doggy Style: The Dogs Tribute

Double CDmore info $32.99

Doggy Days: The Dogs... Live L.A. To Tokyo

Double DVDmore info $37.99