About the Band


Co-opting an offensive term while seamlessly fitting into the current trend of danceable rock brought to us by bands like THE KILLERS and THE FAINT, the very name "THE SLANTS" might be seen as a stroke of genius. Arising from the band's predominantly Asian American background, the term "Chinatown Dance Rock" was coined to describe equally their identity as well as their musical style. After finalizing their lineup in late 2007, THE SLANTS went on a touring blitz playing rock dives like the legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go and anime conventions alike.


Aron - Vocals
Simon Young - Bass
Johnny - Guitar
Gaijin - Keyboards
Jen Cho - Keyboards
AC - Drums




Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts

CD Album - US006 $9.99


  1. Sakura, Sakura
  2. Capture Me Burning
  3. We Will Never Die
  4. Stranglehold
  5. Haruki Murakami
  6. Love Within My Sins
  7. Jin-Do
  8. I Want Everything
  9. Kokoro (I Fall to Pieces)
  10. Welcome To Doomtown
  11. Vice Versus Virtue


A city with a layered and diverse indie rock scene as well as a large Asian American population such as Portland, Oregon was bound to surprise the world at large sooner or later. THE SLANTS have come forth with their self-styled "Chinatown Dance Rock," a mix of contemporary electro-rock in the vein of the KILLERS and LADYTRON and new wave synth paying tribute to groups like NEW ORDER all held together with a sense of Asian American identity. Asserting that identity is the opening track "Sakura, Sakura," with a warped koto riff and thumping beat, not to mention crass lyrics sung deftly by front man Aron. "Capture Me Burning" contains delightful synthesized quirks while Jen Cho supplies a digitally inflicted chorus. The surfy hook on "Stranglehold" shows off THE SLANTS can meld guitar action with their dancetronic. In homage to the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, Jen Cho recites an excerpt of his work over ambient sounds on the song bearing his name which then morphs into the dark original "Love Within My Sins." Heavy on the retro 80's sound is "Kokoro (I Fall To Pieces)" with its DEPECHE MODE industrial stylings and haunting vocals. "Welcome to Doomtown" represents the best THE SLANTS have to offer yet: a driving dance beat, electronic quirks, reverbed guitar riffs, Jen Cho's effects-altered choruses and Aron's commanding vox.

Riding the recent dance rock trend, drawing on 80's new wave and stepping forward as an Asian American indie band, have contributed to the increasing success of THE SLANTS. This has quickly gained fans among the indie rock elite as well as the anime/cosplayer crowd who attend the anime conventions where the band has built a following. The wit, as much as the danceability, behind Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts is enough to attract those willing to support Asian Americans in the arts as those who want shake their body.