The Canadian Scene

Rich in its own blues and jazz traditions, Canada developed a vivid rock scene in the 60's rivaling the United States and the UK. By the end of the 60's, several rock groups including GUESS WHO and STEPPENWOLF had made their mark on the international arena. Canadian musician NEIL YOUNG became a prominent figure in the American folk rock movement and his gritty and haunting blend of roots music would come to have a profound influence on the modern rock grunge phenomenon.

Canada saw an emerging punk and new wave movement in the late 70's with SUBHUMANS, D.O.A., TEENAGE HEAD and NOMEANSNO spearheading a new era of independent music. During the 80's and 90's, Montreal was a haven for underground musicians, especially at Les Foufounes Electrique where locals like the nearly all-female scum punk band SHLONK, as well as international acts like MUDHONEY and NIRVANA played before making it big.

More recently, Canada has been a breeding ground for indie rock and post-punk with musicians like BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE, CARIBOU, METRIC and DEVIL EYES making waves far and wide. There has also been an increase in cultural exchange as evidenced by the addition of several Taiwanese indie rock bands to the annual culture expo TaiwanFest. With migrations of hipsters checking out Montreal and diverse underground projects of varied shades and tones forming everyday, Canada's music scene continues to be as vibrant as ever.

Canada CDs

Scientific Flying Contraption

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  • THE CHRIS FARR BAND - Scientific Flying Contraption
  • SHLONK - Brute